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Embark on riveting exploration of my lifes extraordinary odyssey, where the neon glow of the strip club stage become the unlikely stepping stone to a thriving business the opening chapters,i share the raw and unfiltered account of my experience as a striper,peeling back the layers of a world often misunderstood.from the sultry allure of the stage to the challenges faced behind the scenes,the narrative weaves through the tapestry of my journey,highlighting the resilience and tenacity required to transcend societal norms

as the story unfold,witness the metamorphosis from performer to businesswoman,as the skills honed in the spotlight become the foundation for venture that defies expectations.the juxtaposition of sensuality and shewed entrepreneurship paints a vivid portrait of a woman who harnessed the power of her unique background to background to barriers and forge her own path.

This book is a testament to the idea that success knows no predeterminate route; it emerges from the fusion of passion, determination, and audacity to rewrite one’s destiny, join me in this narrative of self-discovery; where the allure of the stage gave rise to a formidable force in the business world.



Title: “The Girl on D’  Heel$“:


A Tale of Resilience, Motherhood, and Midnight Musings”


Miami, Florida – Yenyfer MCgrath, a multifaceted storyteller, bares her soul in the raw and riveting memoir, “The Girl on the Heels.” In this compelling narrative, she fearlessly unravels the dichotomy of her life—juggling the responsibilities of motherhood by day and exploring the enigmatic world of strip clubs by night.


“The Girl on the Heels” offers a unique perspective, delving into the complexities of Yenyfer’s identity as a devoted mother and a writer who, under the cover of darkness, transforms into a captivating presence on the stage. Through vivid prose and unapologetic honesty, Yenyfer shares the challenges of balancing the demands of parenting with the nocturnal escapades that fueled her creative spirit.

This memoir is a testament to Yenyfer’s resilience and unwavering determination to pursue her passion for writing while navigating the intricate dance of being a mother. She invites readers into the backstage corridors of her life, revealing the vulnerabilities and strength required to maintain this delicate equilibrium.In “The Girl on the Heels” Yenyfer MCgrath shatters stereotypes and challenges societal norms, offering a nuanced exploration of identity, empowerment, and the uncharted territories of unconventional lifestyles. The book resonates with authenticity, providing a voice for those who navigate complex dualities in their pursuit of self-expression.


Readers will be captivated by Yenyfer MCgrath’s unfiltered storytelling, where vulnerability meets strength and the unconventional coexists with the ordinary. “The Girl on the Heels” is a compelling narrative that will leave a lasting impression on those who dare to explore the intricacies of life beyond societal expectations.


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About the Author:

Yenyfer MCgrath is a writer, mother, and performer whose debut memoir, “The Girl on the Heels,” invites readers into the intimate intersections of her life. Through candid storytelling, she shares the challenges of being a mother, a writer by day, and a stripper by night, challenging preconceptions and celebrating the resilience found in embracing one’s authentic self.



by Yenyfer Mcgrath.

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to whoever reading this I just want to keep writing books of my life and share to the world to inspire a change.