Purplee Launches ‘Coupons Feed’: Empowering Shoppers with Easy Savings


 New York, 4th July 2023 – Purplee, a prominent technology partner, introduces its latest innovation, the ‘Coupons Feed,’ offering savings for shoppers worldwide.  


Purplee offers publishers a new opportunity to access a diverse global network of merchants, unlocking their potential and maximizing earning opportunities effortlessly.  


With Purplee, publishers gain access to an expansive network of advertisers, offering various marketing opportunities, including affiliates, CPA, and CPC. Connecting to this network allows publishers to amplify their revenue streams.  


Meeting Demands with Ease  


Purplee understands the evolving needs of partners in the dynamic affiliate marketing landscape. The platform provides a range of solutions, including substitute links, different feeds and the new solution ‘Coupons Feed’, ensuring seamless integration and optimization.  


Unlocking Value through Attractive Promotional Offers  


At the core of Purplee’s mission lies value creation. Publishers can provide their audience with a wide array of relevant and attractive promotional offers through Purplee’s extensive network of business partners, giving access to renowned brands, popular retailers, and specialized service providers.  


Effortless Monetization with Purplee  


Purplee presents a game-changing solution for website monetization by intelligently identifying the most profitable campaigns for partners to promote, ensuring maximum revenue generation. The platform automatically replaces existing product links on partners’ websites with highly lucrative and monetized links, freeing up time to focus on other critical aspects of their business.  


“Purplee takes website monetization to new heights” said Pablo Montserrat, Director of Sales at Purplee. “We empower our partners to connect with thousands of merchants instantly, unlocking their potential and enhancing their revenue streams. With our advanced technology and tailored solutions, partners can effortlessly optimize their earnings while providing an engaging shopping experience for their audience” 


Monetize Content and Boost Revenue with Purplee’s Product Streams  


Purplee’s product streams offer publishers an exciting opportunity to effectively monetize their content while delivering an engaging shopping experience to their audience. Publishers can select from a wide range of relevant categories and products, including fashion, beauty, electronics, and home goods. Purplee’s partnerships with renowned brands, popular retailers, and specialized suppliers ensure publishers gain access to exclusive offers, special promotions, and attractive commissions for every sale generated through their product streams.  


“Publishers can now invigorate their websites and boost revenue with Purplee’s product streams” added Pablo Montserrat. “Our network of business partners enables publishers to monetize their content effectively and create a shopping experience that resonates with their audience. Contact us today to learn more about how Purplee can transform your website and elevate your revenue streams” 


For more information about Purplee and to join their global network, please visit www.purplee.io 


About Purplee  


Purplee is a platform of smart solutions for publishers, empowering them to unlock their potential and maximize their earning opportunities by connecting them to a global network of merchants. Through a range of solutions, including substitute links and different feeds, Purplee meets partners’ demands with unparalleled ease. With attractive promotional offers, Purplee ensures partners effortlessly monetize their content while providing an engaging shopping experience for their audience.  


To learn more, visit www.purplee.io