CHCRIS New Estrella Rap y Hip Hop


What this Rapper is Doing is Crazy at only 18 years old, is Logrande, getting success, attention and a lot of Fame as Popularity among Rappers, his Career is only 7 years old, starting at the end of 2015 -in 2016, a piece of Rapper emerged and one One of the best for many Fans Now that it shows that they have CHCRIS to demonstrate to the World and Leave Us Speechless. CHCRIS For Many Fans of the World in his last 3 years he achieved the greatest thing: Become known so fast and be a flux for young people and children to be like Jesus for his disciples to have respect in the streets and in all places. And he still has more to do things to achieve for many fans CHC is Chosen to be The Best in the World and being one of the MCs of the United States as the best Rapper in the World is like saying that now he can be the best among the new artists of this new generation, Only at 18 years old and now the next few years remain to be seen. and also his Group 46664 THE MUVISS is Being a Global Sensation and already international is a Big Thing Just a few things and madas Muviss are already a trend.


CRIS Molo Akapo, better known by his stage name CHCRIS is a Rapper and composer of Rap music, his styles or musical genres are Hip Hop Rap Trap, Drill but he likes to sing more Rap is a Rapper

The only one who teaches his great abilities to Rap and Sing CHC likes music a lot

His music is of all styles and for all kinds of people and especially for his fans.

Those who know what CHCRIS is like each one tells him how big he is.

CRIS molo akapo is a Musical Artist Rapper and music composer CHCRIS his known stage name (He was born on September 4, 2004) Africa Equatorial Guinea CH has different musical genres that he uses in his songs that are Hip Hop Rap Trap and Drill CHCRIS is It is characterized by being an Artist that its different genres in a song or in a Music Album.

En el Final de 2015 ha inicios del 2016 CHCRIS empezó su Carrera Musical Como Rapero por esos años CHCRIS le costaba mucho hacer música por ir ha Clases extra y por estar mucho tiempo en la Escuela En los Ratos Libres CHCRIS se Dedicaba ha jugar al Fútbol pero luego de Eso cuando Tenia Algo de Tiempo Se puso a rapear cualquier cosa que se le ocurra eso parecía una tontería y un poco como por aburrimiento por eso lo dejo un rato a los 2 días volvió hacer mas música y mas pero luego pensó que si le sirve esto tiro lo que componiéndolo y luego se durmió pero gracias a una prima su ya CRIS se me tío en esto de la música su prima le enseño todos los Raperos del Momento y los mas Famosos en esa época aunque tan bien le enseñaba Raperos antiguos para que pueda saber mas de su música y eso justo en ese día CHCRIS Saco su Primera Canción Creada por el Fue because everything costs me dearly le gusto ha el se lo enseño asus amigos y familia des puesde eso que le gustara a toda su familia se puso que como opción seria cantante o Rapero.At the end of 2015 to the beginning of 2016 CHCRIS began his Musical Career As a Rapper in those years CHCRIS had a hard time making music by going to extra classes and spending a lot of time at school In his spare time CHCRIS played soccer but After that, when he had some time, he began to rap whatever he could think of, that seemed silly and a bit out of boredom, so he left it for a while after 2 days, he went back to making more music and more, but then he thought that if he This is good for composing it and then he fell asleep but thanks to a cousin of his and CRIS uncle me in this music thing his cousin taught him all the Rappers of the Moment and the most Famous at that time although she taught him old Rappers so well for that he can know more about his music and that was exactly on that day CHCRIS released his First Song Created by him It was because everything costs me dearly he liked it, he showed it to his friends and family since then that his whole family liked itthat as an option would be a singer or rapper.

En el Año 2016 para 2017 Para CRIS Ya se puso un Prototipo de Nombre Que fue CH de Dos Tipos de Nombre que tiene el y CRIS su Nombre Original lo Junto y Izo CHCRIS Desde Siempre CHC Quiso ser alguien Famoso o Muy Reconocido en el Año Nuevo del 2017 Para 2018 Como Deseo de Año New Pidió Ser Famoso Cantante asta ese momento pero Luego Dijo Rapero Ya en el 2017 CHCRIS se puso manos ala obra para sacar música en esos tiempos no tenia los medios para poner hacer su música y tenia que disponer de otros medios cuando el ya pudo encontrar un Tipo de Aparato para Hacer Bases o Música se puso ha cantar y después de Unos 2 Minutos Saco 5 Canciones que de Titulo Fueron : to the top ,cucumber z ,the king,Legendary, Sara, Boom Hup, Entre otras Fue El Comienzo de su Buena Música.In the Year 2016 for 2017 For CRIS, a Name Prototype was already put, which was CH of Two Types of Names that he and CRIS have their Original Name Together and Izo CHCRIS Since Always CHC Wanted to be someone Famous or Very Recognized in the New Year From 2017 to 2018 As a New Year’s Wish He Asked to Be a Famous Singer Until That Moment But Then He Said Rapper Already in 2017 CHCRIS got down to work to release music in those times he did not have the means to make his music and he had to have other means when he could already find a Type of Device to Make Bases or Music he began to sing and after about 2 minutes he released 5 songs that were titled: to the top, cucumber z, the king, Legendary, Sara, Boom Hup Among others, it was the beginning of his good music.

En el Próximo Año 2018 –2019 En estos dos Años CHCRIS Ya Empezaba hacer las cosas grades solo Siendo Un Adolescente Fue un Ídolo y Famoso en Ascenso y mas ahora CHCRIS ya tenia algo de nombre su música ya mas o menos era conocida fue un años de Reconocimiento y Aprendizaje para CH Solo Siendo un Adolescente sus Redes Sociales empezaron ha crecer mas en su Instagram .In the Next Year 2018 -2019 In these two Years CHCRIS He was already beginning to make things big just Being A Teenager He was an Idol and Famous on the Rise and more now CHCRIS already had something of a name his music was already more or less known it was a years of Recognition and Learning for CH Solo Being a Teenager his Social Networks began to grow more on his Instagram.

2020-2021 Lo consiguió Tener un poco mas de Repercusión su nombre ya era conocido todos que saber mas de CHCRIS y de su música su música ya Era algo para hablar algunos les gustaba y a otros les encantaba en esos momentos CHCRIS ya era un Famoso mas en Instagram con 15 Mill Seguidores asta llegar a los 25 Mil esto era una sorpresa para todos y mas para CHCRIS .2020-2021 He got it To have a little more impact His name was already known to everyone who knew more about CHCRIS and his music His music was already something to talk about, some liked it and others loved it at that time CHCRIS was already another Famous person in Instagram with 15 Million Followers until reaching 25 Thousand this was a surprise for everyone and more for CHCRIS.

2021-2022-2023 Son los mejores años de CRIS En estos años a conseguido grandes cosas asta algunos fanáticos le consideran un elegido para ser el mejor de la Historia de la música asta le Consideran una Leyenda y un Icono de la New Music su Gran Parecencia esta Creciendo mucho todos les suena o conocen el Nombre de CHCRIS y El Pedazo de Rapero que es y sera Su Ascenso es ala Grandes Ligas se esta Ha cercando se puede decir que se esta convirtiendo cada año en Un Icono musical Joven y Muy Talentoso .2021-2022-2023 These are the best years of CRIS In these years he has achieved great things until some fans consider him chosen to be the best in the History of music until they consider him a Legend and an Icon of New Music his Great Appearance He is Growing a lot, everyone sounds or knows the Name of CHCRIS and The Piece of Rapper that he is and will be His Ascent is to the Major Leagues, he is getting closer, it can be said that he is becoming a Young and Very Talented musical Icon every year.

CHCRIS. Comenzó Grabar en el 2019 empezando hacer canciones y sacar nuevos temas para subirlos a Youtube en esos años CHCRIS. No tenia los medios para poder cantar y subir su música a una plataforma digital el desde una aplicaciones de música empezó para crear sus propias bases y sus propias canciones des pues de eso el tenia que esperar un año para que pueda por fin grabar con al guíen en el 2020 pudo grabar nuevos temas con mas calidad y con mejor sonido .CHCRIS. record began in 2019, starting to make songs and release new songs to upload them to YouTube in those CHCRIS years. He did not have the means to be able to sing and upload his music to a digital platform, from a music application he began to create his own bases and his own songs, after that he had to wait a year so that he could finally record with someone. In 2020 he was able to record

In the first years of the beginning of CHCRIS CRIS it was difficult for him to make his music just for the simple fact that in the year 2015-2016 it was a bit difficult to start and start a musical career But with CH, things started to go well in the year 2016-2017 CHCRIS was already ready to be a star in principle he did not get anything until he thought it through and got down to work releasing music and showing it to his friends or family in the coming years 2017-2018-2019 the Rapper CHCRIS started It has grown a lot too. He was already making himself known and everyone already knew about him and many knew that he would be very big in the coming years.

CHCRIS Creo The Muviss hace 3 Años en el 2020 Las Muviss de CHCRIS Son muy Importantes por que significan sus músicas sus ,,o Cualquier Otra cosa y el Numero 46664 es un numero importante por se el numero de preso del Nelson Mandela en los años

2002 En la Actualidad el Rapero CHCRIS lo utiliza para su música y marca Personal y Social .

It is the CHCRIS Musical Group The muviss is a meaning the muviss are good or bad mishaps, your things or conflicts, problems.

CHCRIS Created The Muviss 3 Years ago in 2020 The CHCRIS Muviss are very important because their music means their,, or Anything Else and the Number 46664 is an important number because it is the prisoner number of Nelson Mandela in the years

2002 At present the Rapper CHCRIS uses it for his music and Personal and Social brand.